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Tour packages on offer

Ancient Safari

Come and experience a little old with rugged, soulful, natural, liberating Namibia with SLM Safaris appealing to your soul to embrace the wonderful adventure of life in its entirety. Where streaks of the Namib sand merges with the bleached grasses and discover our Wild Horses of the Namib and our own mountain extinct volcano.

Adventure Safari

Join SLM Safaris on an adventure of a lifetime, from the red dunes of Sossusvlei to the coast of Swakopmund. Sunset horseback riding safari to an early morning ballooning safari. To ending it off with a lovely boat cruise. So much fun activities to choose from: horseback riding, ballooning, quad biking, boat cruise, skydiving, fishing, paragliding, hiking and rock climbing.

Central Safari

Central but modern and classic tour, nothing like a meeting place between Africa and Europe, the modern & the old. In the capital's main streets well preserve German colonial buildings and not very far from the city overlooking the small central business area are several lodges and guest farms. "Who says day 1 can’t be a great start"

Damaraland Safari

A ruggedly beautiful region of untamed wilderness ranging from open grass plains to mountainous granite hillocks and deep gorges. Damaraland offers incredible wildlife experiences. Although this region is dry and harsh, our guests joining this safari is amazed by how animals have adapted to the environment and made it their home.

Excitement & Historical Safari

This journey will take you from Namibia's premier holiday destination through the Namib Desert to the ghost town of Kolmanskop. A combination of excitement and history, High lighting exciting activities to ending it off with a historical tour.

Family Safari

Making memories and collecting these moments and experiences to remember for a lifetime. Family time is the best time why not book it with SLM Safaris.

Fly inn Safari

Spread your wings and join our fly inn safari, let us take you on a six-day adventure exploring southern Namibia, western Namibia and Damaraland on a unforgettable safari. Because limitless sightseeing is offered when flying with SLM Safaris.

Northern Safari

With its vastness and wide open spaces. This safari show case its own places of interests. Featuring amazing landscapes and diverse wildlife and bird species. Join our safari as we showcase northern Namibia.

Relaxation Safari

Ideally you should choose a quiet and calm environment. And this can contribute to your relaxation...Let SLM Safaris arrange this all for you.

Southern Safari

Vast landscape and desert in the middle of nowhere can only be found here in Namibia, in the heart of the Namib Nauklauft. All along the coast - the desert meets the ocean. From the desert to the canyons - the photographers dream come true...

Western Safari

Namibia's Coastal Desert is one of the oldest deserts in the world. Its sand dunes, created by the strong onshore winds, are the highest in the world. Come join our Western Safari as we take you all along western Namibia. Enjoying all sorts of fun activities.

Wildlife Safari

The true life to Africa, an abundance of game and birdlife. This tour is not just for the thrill of an adventure but also for a once in a life time holiday. Why not book your safari adventure with SLM Safaris and let us show you Africa at its best.

Enjoy your stay in Namibia